Recipe: Salsa al pomodoro

In the absence of fresh tomatoes, you can make an excellent tomato sauce with canned peeled tomatoes, tomato pulp or passata, it depends on the result you want to achieve. 

With pulp and peeled tomatoes, the sauce will be more rustic and full-bodied, with passata instead the sauce will be smoother with a delicate consistency.) 


Salsa al pomodoro 

Canned peeled tomatoes, tomato pulp or passata
Garlic, onion, shallow
Herbs (optional)



1. Prepare the soffritto (sauté): 

Use garlic, onion or shallots, they are all good, it depends on what you like best. If you use garlic, keep the whole clove and smash it or cut it in slices. If you use onion or shallot, finely chop them. 

Fry the soffritto over low heat, so that the oil slowly absorbs the flavours of the sauté until they begin to brown. If you use garlic, remove it before adding tomatoes. 

2. Add the tomato and cook over medium high heat for a few minutes to eliminate the natural acidity of the tomato. To further sweeten the tomato, you can also add a pinch of sugar. 

3. Once the heat is lowered, the sauce is almost ready, season with salt. If you like, add the herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme or marjoram and cook until the tomato sauce has shrunk down. 

4. Remove the cooked herbs, add a few fresh leaves and the tomato sauce it is ready! 

Perfect for your pasta, soups and stews. Check out our gnocchi al pomodoro recipe!