Pizza Rustico – Our New Nutrious Dough

Nygräddad pizza rustico

A perfect pizza starts with the dough. Fresh from the floured baking table we present Rustico – an entirely new dough created by the expert and pizzaiolo Francesco Pompilio. 


Nutritious and low on gluten

At Eataly, we constantly strive to innovate while preserving traditional techniques. Time to say benvenuto, or welcome, to our new pizza dough Rustico. This dough has been created by Eatalys pizza expert Francesco Pompilio, with health and inclusion in focus. Made by 100% organic flour it has a very low gluten content and is rich in whole grains, tasty and easy to digest. In other words, a pizza dough to enjoy with a clear conscience. 

Want to try out our new, nutritious and absolutely delicious Rustico dough? Book your table below at La Piazza, choose your pizza and tell your waiter which dough you want.




About the dough

100% organic flour containing a mix of high-quality grains; Farro, Enkir, Rye and Kamut. Rich in wholewheat and naturally low in gluten. Leavened for more than 50 hours to get a tasty, nutritious and easy-to-digest pizza.


Welcome for pizza at Eataly!