Fresh House-Made Pasta

Every day at Eataly, our pastai, or pastamakers, transform simple ingredients into intricate pasta shapes inspired by the rich traditions of every Italian region using simple high-quality ingredients: water, flour, and eggs. See how you can eat, shop and learn more about la pasta fresca at Eataly Stockholm!



Sit down, relax and let our chef’s do the job for you. In both our restaurants La Piazza and La Piazzetta, we offer a variety of delicious dishes with our home-made, fresh pasta in focus. Come by to discover regional flavors, from Fusilli with Pesto and Stracciatella to the classic Spaghetto alle Vongole.



Feeling inspired by all this pasta talk? At our Salumeria, in the corner of La Piazza, you can find high-quality pasta shapes to bring home to your kitchen. The art of shaping fresh pasta by hand is rich: every Italian region has its own techniques and shapes. Discover our wide pasta selection made daily by our pasta expert. While you’re there, take the opportunity to ask our knowledgeable staff which pasta sauce to pair with the fresh pasta of your choice. Then, go home and impress the family!



Curious to know the secrets behind the perfect pasta? Come to learn and eat at our cooking school La Scuola! Join us for a class where we will give you the tools to recreate Eataly’s delicious pasta in your own home kitchen. In these hands-on classes, you get to be the chef and make your own fresh pasta together with La Scuolas teacher. At the end of the class, you get to enjoy a tasty pasta meal.




Eat. Shop. Learn. Explore pasta with all your senses. 

Welcome to Eataly!