EATALY is here for you – We bring Italy home to you


Vi gör allt vad vi kan för att hjälpa till i en svår tid. Eataly finns här för att hjälpa dig fylla på i skafferiet, leverera högkvalitativa produkter direkt till din dörr och transportera dina favoriträtter hem till dig.

How to bring Italy home with you?

By stocking your kitchen with Italian top-quality products, from the best tomatoes to the highest quality olive oil and Italian wines! Every month we offer up to 40% off on selected items.

Choose from our selection of pantry staples to make each meal special. Discover our high-quality ingredients, including fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables, sustainably sourced meat, an incredible variety of cured meats and cheese from Italy.

Learn how to prepare, simple and authentic Italian dishes with our selection of pantry staple recipes. From a quick and easy Italian breakfast, to a simple pasta al pesto to an authentic Aperitivo spread and spritz to making your own pasta dough, our recipes will transport you to your favorite moment and place in Italy!

Plus, for those who want to stay home, we deliver our high-quality products right to your doorstep, and if you need a break from cooking, we also deliver your favorite Eataly dishes home!


During difficult times, we are all in this together!

Noi ci siamo, we’re here for you!